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Why Gold Accents will Always Remain Trendy

New Year—new trend! By now, we’ve exhausted the cold and stony shades of grey, the stark contrasts of black and white, and the monotonous mounds of silvery metal accents. It’s time we welcome lively tones, natural materials, and non-generic furniture.

You’ll notice this past year, warm woods have replaced synthetic textiles, and copper has crept its way back into fashion. The ideal interior space has become less neutral-based, and more nature-inspired, highlighted with unique, artisanal pieces for a more authentic ambiance.

Why Gold?

It’s timeless. Metals with warmer tones like copper, brass, and gold are forever classic. Combined with vibrant fabric and natural materials, it not only exudes luxury, but also adds vibrancy and interest to your home.

It’s glamourous. It’s an old-world trend desperate to resurface—and it has succeeded. Gold adds glamour, no matter what it’s mixed with: artisanal objects, natural woods, other metals… you can’t go wrong. Decorating your room with plants and blending different metal accessories (especially copper, brass, yellow-gold, and rose-gold) offers an exciting edge. So if you have your eye on a gold-rimmed side table, but you’re unsure if it will clash with your silver chandelier—don’t worry. Just go for the gold!

What Looks Great in Gold?

The short answer: everything; lamps, vases, coffee and side tables, handles, doorknobs, mirrors—to name a few! The idea is to choose quality pieces so that you can keep them for years to come. Gold never really went out of style, and it likely never will. So purchase something you love and think of it as an investment. Make sure it has character, or some unique quality that draws you to it.

Get inspired and check out some of our elegant gold accent pieces:

Cassandra Round Table with Glass Top - Set of 3

Beowulf Side Table - Blue

Round Mirror Top Mini Side Table in Gold

Wieland Rectangular Nesting Table Set of 2 Gold

Golden Rectangle Nesting Table Set of 3

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