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Reclaimed Wood: A Natural Look for Your Décor

Adding texture to your home décor is a great way to inspire a warm and welcoming ambiance. Like a brick fireplace or accent wall, reclaimed wood’s natural, raw quality offers the perfect counterbalance to a modern interior, which can often appear a little too cold. So if you’re looking for new and trendy ways to enhance a room, consider integrating reclaimed wood into your design. It may just be the personal touch your home needs.

Feature Wall

If you’ve just purchased a new home or are in the process of remodelling, you’ll notice today’s furnishing trends revolve around materials that express a clean, polished, and sophisticated appearance: grey stone flooring, black granite countertops, glossy white kitchen cabinets, etc. Wood is a great way to offset these neutral colours and minimal textures. It’s important that the tone of wood doesn’t necessarily match the rest of your furnishings, but compliments them. If your tiles are grey, an entire grey-stained wood-paneled wall may be too strenuous. Instead, choose a wood with a hint of grey that is for the most part raw, natural-brown wood—or the opposite. The idea is for your reclaimed wood to accent, not compete.

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Old Furniture

Sometimes it can be a shame to throw away a solid piece of furniture just because the style is dated. So why not spruce it up with some reclaimed wood? Some of the older, larger TV unit models can be a little imposing—but they don’t have to be. They can be turned into quite the piece of art with some strategically placed wood panels laid out on the wall behind the television (or as shelf backing for the unit). Fill the rest of your shelves with books, and you’ve got the perfect cozy set-up.

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Ceiling Panels

If you’re really looking for a design that stands out, lining reclaimed wood panels on your ceiling will do just that. It is both original and actually can be more subtle than an entire floor-to-ceiling wall.

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