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Dressing up your Walls

When it comes to filling up your walls, there’s a lot of room to work with colours, texture, patterns and design. Sometimes the amount of choice can be overwhelming but once you pick a colour scheme or an overall theme for a room, it’s a lot easier to make decisions. Paintings and wall décor are a great way to centralize a theme of a room to help tie a space together. They make excellent motifs and accents and are easy to install making it easy to switch it up when you want a change. Here are some themes to consider for your home décor.


Many people regard their home as a safe haven – a place to retreat to relax, find clarity and to be productive. If you feel like your home isn’t as comfortable as you’d like it to be, try changing up the space by adding paintings with natural settings. Remove clutter, rearrange your items and re-decorate– this will do wonders for redefining a sense of calmness in your home space.

Word Art

Why not put a saying you love on your wall? Whether you want to express your love for coffee or your desire to spend more time at the beach, paintings featuring word art are fun and quirky accents to add to any room.

Patterns and Designs

Finally, another great design option is to pick paintings and wall décor that display a pattern or design that speaks to you. This can be used as a contrast piece in your living space or can blend into the theme you have chosen for a given room. Patterns animate a room and give it a sense of texture making this kind of wall décor great stand out features!

The sense of freedom decorating gives you is an amazing opportunity to get creative and give your space a whole new look and feel. Browse more of our wall décor for more design ideas and create an online account with us to start collecting your favourite pieces!

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