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Design Inspiration: Make your Living Room Stand Out!

We believe a sense of home always comes through the décor. Who you are, your interests, lifestyle… everything shows in the way you decorate a room. When it comes to a living room in particular, it’s always important to remember to decorate it as a communal space; a place where you can host friends, family and even business associates. This is a room among many where you can showcase the best of your taste and love for style and décor. Here are some ideas of how to build different looks to make your living room look like a cohesive room that stands out.

Explore minimalist décor

Minimalist décor involves exactly what its name gives off… a very minimalist look. This means you choose items that are generally all within the same colour scheme (black and white, shades of grey, industrial materials like metal) with subtle pops of colour that provide a clean, bright and modern look. It’s very in right now, especially for bright apartments and condos.

There’s usually one center piece in the room which ties the entire room together. This could be a framed wall hanging, a collection of framed photos, a piece of furniture or a lighting fixture. The idea is “less is more” giving the room an airy, cool and relaxing quality. Here are some items below to consider.

Go Rustic

On the opposing end of the spectrum, rustic décor has a warm charm like no other. Putting wooden items into a room along with warm earthy tones and vintage accents, gives a living space a type of atmosphere that could pair well with a hot cup of cider. Rustic décor is trending right now; it uses industrial accents similarly to how minimalist décor does but in a way that plays more to vintage sensibilities. It’s the perfect way to create a welcoming atmosphere. Below are some ideas to give your living room some rustic charm.

Making your living room into a unified theme is a wonderful way to create a sense of your own space within a living environment not only for yourself but to share with others. For more ideas, browse our collection of home décor to find furniture pieces and items that speak to you!

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